Welcome to the Key-Lix web site. We hope you will find the information found here useful and exciting. We are confident that once you try our premium quality lick tubs on your horses, cattle, and sheep you won't want the other brands any more. We look forward to hearing how much healthier your animals are after using Key-Lix.

Key-Lix™ (aka Winn, Inc.) has been manufacturing livestock feed and supplement for over fifty years. We manufacture what some call a “big-block” or a “lick-tub”. Key-Lix™ is a low-moisture, molasses based, crystalline supplement, similar to Hubbard's Crystalyx®.

Key-Lix supplement blocks are packed with nutrients including Vitamins and Chelated Minerals balanced to maximize utilization of available feeds and enhance overall health and reproduction. Winn manufactures Key-Lix supplement blocks for all varieties of Horses, Cattle, and Sheep. Key-Lix supplement blocks contain no chemical hardeners. They are low-moisture blocks which means more nutrients per pound, minimizing your cost of nutrients. The products are contained in polyethylene plastic tubs. These are advantageous over steel drums in that when empty they will stack inside one another taking much less space and they are much lighter than steel drums. They are also easy to reuse and transport.

We invite you to have a look around our web site. Feel free to drop us an email if you have questions or comments.