More Advantages of Key-Lix

Chelated Minerals for better absorbency.
Contains NO fillers or hardeners.
Convenient Method of Supplementing Livestock.
Minimizes Waste, Saving Labor Costs.
No Additional Equipment for feeding small or large herds.
Self Contained and Weather Resistant.
High Palatability Assures Consumption.

Enhanced Energy.
Improved Feed Efficiency.
Enhanced Vitality.
Reduced Mortality.
Increased Fertility.
Correction of Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies.
Correction of UNDETECTED Trace Mineral Deficiencies.

Key-Lix supplement blocks are formulated with a low-moisture molasses base and are a stable source of high energy and nutrition. They contain the necessary Vitamins and Chelated Minerals essential for healthy animals. Key-Lix supplement blocks are made without any fillers or binders, and are less than 4% moisture.

Key-Lix is very palatable assuring consumption. Over-consumption is controlled by the hardness of the block. Horses and cattle should consume about 1/2 pound per day (based on a 1000 lb).

Key-Lix provides those elements and trace minerals which current soil building practices do not return to the soil, and as livestock nutritionists agree, are so crucial to both production and feed efficiency. Key-Lix provides your animals with the nutrients that are not readily available to them from today's feeds.