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Some Advantages of Key-Lix Include

Here at Key-Lix we have been manufacturing livestock feed and supplements for over 75 years! From the start we have been dedicated to creating the best supplements on the market. Here are some advantages of Key-Lix:

Love in every Lick

We take great care in crafting every tub with the finest quality. We use only the best ingredients, and formulate them for maximum feed efficiency.

No Harsh Chemicals

Key-Lix Supplements are low moisture, with a cooked molasses base. We never use chemical hardeners or cheap fillers, ensuring you always get a high quality tub.

Better Absorbtion

Key-Lix products utilize Chelated Minerals for better absorbancy. These result in an absorbtion rate up to six times higher, lowering your feed costs!


Do your animals have specific needs or deficiencies? Give us a call! We are always glad to create a custom formula to ensure your animals get the nutrients they need!