Welcome to Key-Lix

We hope you will find the information found here useful and exciting. We are confident that once you try our premium quality lick tubs on your horses, cattle, and sheep you won’t want the other brands. We look forward to hearing how much healthier your animals are after using Key-Lix. Key-Lix™ has been manufacturing livestock feed and supplement for over fifty years. Key-Lix™ “big-block” or a “lick-tub” is a low-moisture, molasses based, crystalline supplement, similar to Hubbard’s Crystalyx®.

Key-Lix Supplements are concentrated with the necessary Vitamins and Minerals, including Chelated minerals, that are essential for healthy livestock. Research shows that the benefits of supplementing with vitamins and chelated minerals include: Healthier Animals, having a better conception rate. Young livestock grow at a faster rate of gain and start their reproductive cycle at an earlier age. Chances of birthing problems are reduced.

Livestock consistently supplied Key-Lix, experience extra energy and vitality.   Producers who consistently feed Key-Lix report correction of conception problems and better health in the offspring .